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Who is JPChan Photography?

Joyce is a photographer based in Arizona.
She loves taking photos of nature/wildlife, pets, travel/landscapes, rockets, and various events.

She also enjoys building, launching rockets and is L3 certified.
Her fascination of rockets started at the age of 13 with a gold medal win at the Arizona State-level Science Olympiad in Bottle Rockets.

She's both an active member and team photographer of the Arizona Rocketry Team.
She's known as the "Tube Monkey."
Check out their team page here:

She can be spotted at events held by: SARA, SSS, and Kloudbusters.

She has been published in Wired Magazine, Rockets Magazine, Sports Rocketry and the Discovery Channel.
She is a former member of a local motor sports photography team (Racer's Photo), but has since moved on to explore other interests.

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