JPChan Photography: Blog en-us (C) JPChan Photography (JPChan Photography) Thu, 15 Feb 2018 20:03:00 GMT Thu, 15 Feb 2018 20:03:00 GMT JPChan Photography: Blog 96 120 AIRFEST19: Recap Launch Report, by Roy P.

Day 0: Thursday, 08.29.2013
Jay, Greg and Roy arrived on the field Thursday afternoon and began to set up the prep area. The Just Boys from Tucson got in and we pulled them in next to us. We had the chance to see some old friends. The Wildman started cooking up some killer steak sandwiches.


Day 1: Friday, 08.30.2013
Friday rolled in and we finished up setting everything up and started some prep on the Alpha and caught up with some more old friends. The rest of the team arrived in Argonia as well; young'uns from the north and rest of the AZ gang. 


Day 2: Saturday, 08.31.2013
We finished up prepping the Alpha, got it out to the pad and upright. It was getting hot and muggy out.

After we sent Bondo Boy to set the electronics and un-hook the support straps we were ready to press the button. We were also pressed for time to get the bird off the ground to be able to make the RSO duties. We opted not to get a group picture. 

JPC_0086JPC_0086 Post launch picture   

The up was beautiful, but due to some fin flutter and massive size of the fins, they ended up schredding on ascent. The nosecone and fin can made it back down on Susan's Blue cutes without any issue. It was safe and no one was hurt! We learned a few things so we are ok with the outcome. In reality, we had planned on scrapping everything but the fin can after the launch anyways and we got that and the expensive parts back.

JPC7_0046AJPC7_0046AAlpha launch JPC7_0056JPC7_0056Fin shred JPC7_0070JPC7_0070

After the Alpha flew, several of us help out on range duty for a few hours. We were able to catch the Venus Probe launch that happened shortly after lunch.

Venus Probe Drag Race

Then it was time to disassemble the Alpha, yes there was some to take apart then we started prepping the N'osquito and then Scrambler.


Day 3: Sunday, 09.01.2013
We got out to the field early and were trying to beat the weather that was rolling in. The hard part was finding Troj and having him verify and sign the payload!!!


We got both of them out to the pads and set up next to each other as it was starting to rain. After a few real quick pictures (which we did not get with the Alpha) it was time to put these in the sky.

The first of the two was the N'osquito which had a great flight to about 1800' with parachutes coming out at the top and almost stuck the landing, dang uneven farm fields!

Since this was his first N motor, Roy was real happy with the flight. =)

JPC_0112JPC_0112 JPC7_0021JPC7_0021 JPC7_0074JPC7_0074


As soon as the N'osquito landed (since it floated right over the pads) we lofted a 4 pound ostrich egg in the Scrambler to an altitude of 2552' and landed it nice and soft without damage to the rocket, the egg or Roy.

JPC_0109JPC_0109 JPC7_0092JPC7_0092 JPC7_0160JPC7_0160 JPC_0119JPC_0119 JPC_0138AJPC_0138A

After all that, Greg and Kris helped the Just Boys get there 10" Thor off. Roy provided a wimpy red K939 for their 4"Thor was kicked it up there good. According to the preliminary data it went about 7,500' and broke Mach.

JPC7_0273JPC7_0273 JPC7_0303JPC7_0303
With the time and the weather we have opted not to fly the Mean Machine so we could have today to watch a few flights. The Purdue kids had to leave early to return back to school, so all that was left was the build AZ build team to enjoy some BRAUMS!

JPCSD_0012JPCSD_0012After a day of successful flights, it was time for some BRAUMS!

Day 4: Monday, 09.02.2013
This was the final day of the launch. It was spent saying farewells and planning for next year. Roy and Jay had to roll out earlier to make the trek back to AZ, so what was left was the three stooges.

JPCSD_0015JPCSD_0015Then there were 3...
Enjoying a last night of good food and laughs at Granite City Food & Brewery.

Thank you KLOUDBUSTERS!! See you again next year!

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SARA: DH2013 Recap Desert Heat 2013 was a success for both AZRT projects!

Saw many great flights.


Mean Machine flew flawlessly after a some in flight drama.

Had some great Night launches, Terry G's Glow Light Express met it's final retirement flight.

Mini Mosquito flew straight and landed perfectly back on its fins in a tail stand (2nd time that's been done!)
First time was for my L2 certification!

<Full report to come later this week>

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Vendor Updates A message from my vendor:
In order to help offset a fraction of our increased costs, we (vendor) felt it necessary to increase our prices slightly. 


I apologize for this is unfortunate news, but I hope you can understand the need to adjust prices to reflect real world changes.
Thank you for your continued support and business.

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5 weddings, 1 Bachelorette Party, 3 Baby Showers later... Been a crazy 6 months celebrating:

  • pre-wedding party
  • weddings (x5)
  • sprinkle AIRFEST18 in the mix...
  • baby showers (x3)

Which equates to tons of eating, travelling and pictures...
I wouldn't change a thing because it's been a lot of fun seeing all my friends and celebrating!!


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Past ZF Updates My past updates
  • Aug 2010: New website set up!

  • X'Mas 2010
    Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday & exciting New Year!!

  • Update 11/29/2010
    Back from Australia, many thanks for everyone's patience to my limited responses while I was away!

  • Weekend 11/06-07/2010:
    Back from Plaster Blaster 9 (2010)  held by DART & Tripoli San Diego.

  • SARA - Oct 2011:

  • Back from GHS 2011!
    Had a great time. Congrats to Kris for getting his L3!
    AZ Rocketry team gave an amazing final launch of Pac-3 battery!!!

  • Plaster Blaster X: All the pictures have been posted.
    Great seeing the everyone, PRS & DART members, and also meeting new people! 
    Photos -
    Videos -

  • Weekend: 12/3 - 4/2011 PetSmart Photos with Santa & your pet for $10
    ($5 of the proceeds go to a local animal charity - Good Kitties Organization at 855 N 54th St. Chandler, AZ 85226.)

    • This event will be on for the following weekends: 12/3, 12/10 & 12/18 from 11AM - 4PM, Go support your local animal charity & PetSmart!!! =)

  • AZRT Build: Jan 2012
    AZRT kicked off a new build year working on another project for LDRS31.

  • SARA Desert Heat 2012 Project

  • ARG 2012: Feb. 26, 2012
    ARG 2012 - 2/26/2012
  • SARA Desert Heat 2012

  • Engagement Session:
    Thank you Lindsay & Eric for such a fun time!!!

  • AHPRA Launch - May 26, 2012:
    Kris' Phoenix had a nice straight flight to 5285 on Roy's M2393 Wimpy Red at the launch!

  • SARA Launch - May 20, 2012
    Did a quick fly by with Kevin M (Great big thank you to him for taking me up and getting a different point of view of everyone!)
    Thanks for SARA for waving as we were doing the flyby!

  • AZRT Resumed work on the Drake:

  • AZRT Wrapped up Alpha construction

  • M&M's Wedding - June 16, 2012:
    Attended my friends' beautiful wedding in Los Angeles, CA. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • SARA Launch - July 22, 2012
    Congrats to Chet on his newly aquired L1 Cert! Managed to get home before the impending Haboob storm.
    Pictures will be posted throughout the week. Please stay tuned!

  • Silpa & Chris' Wedding – July 28, 2012:
    Attended my good friend's traditional Indian wedding in Phoenix, AZ. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • Sree's Pre-Wedding Ceremony - Aug. 4, 2012:
    Congrats to Sree's upcoming wedding next week!
    Got the opportunity to attend the Groom's Pre-wedding ceremony to get blessings from the elders and various relatives.

  • AZRT Drake Build - Aug. 5, 2012:
    Performed ejection charge testing this weekend.

  • AZRT Drake Build - Aug. 25, 2012:
    Gearing up for AIRFEST 18 in Argonia, KS.

  • Bill & R's Wedding - Aug. 11, 2012:
    Attended Bill & R's wedding in Old Tucson, AZ.
    Congrats to the happy couple!

  • AIRFEST18: Drake Launch - Sept. 4, 2012:
    AZRT team is safely back home from KS.
    Launch did not go as expected...the rocket CATO'd 0.01s after ignition.
    It was a fun overall experience attend a BIG launch, see other large projects, and meet new people.
    Thank you KloudBusters! Until Next year!

  • Ammi & Peter's Wedding - Sept. 22, 2012:
    Attended an EPIC wedding celebration in Dallas, TX.
    HUGE congrats for the fun loving couple on their big day!!

  • SARA Night Launch: Oct. 13, 2012
    Could not have asked for a better night, calm winds and temperatures in the 70's!
    Always great to see all the night rockets adorned with LEDs and glow sticks!

  • GHS 2012 weekend: 10/27-28/2012
    Back from GHS! Caught up with old friends, met some new ones and saw many launches.
    On the AZRT member front: Roy's Bad Altitude flew straight, but suffered separation.
    Kris' Flamin' Squat was literally flaming due to a plugged nozzle.
    Joyce's Sqweesh Meh turned into a squished mosquito due to an really late ejection charge.

  • AZRT Build: Nov. 10, 2012
    Everyone was back in the shop this weekend and we got to play with some new chutes!

  • AZRT Build: Dec. 1, 2012
    Everyone was back in the shop after a brief hiatus for Thanksgiving.

  • AZRT Build: Dec. 8, 2012
    It was snowing in the shop today!!!

  • AZRT Build: Dec. 16, 2012
    Pseudo Dry fit today!

  • AZRT Build: Dec. 22, 2012
    Last Build of 2012 - Dry fit for the Mosquito & Mean Machine!!!

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR & Holidays from JPChan Photography!
    It has been quite a busy 2012, but looking forward to what 2013 has to bring!

  • AZRT Build: Jan. 5, 2013
    After all of the Holiday festivities have come & gone, it was back to the shop for more on the Mosquito & Mean Machine!

  • AZRT Build: Jan. 12, 2013
    Mozzy Ebay build session.

  • AZRT Build: Jan. 19, 2013
    Short Build: entertained a guest in the shop, finished Mean Mach ebay, & prepped the Patriot Launcher for retirement
    Photos -
    Video -

  • AZRT Launcher Retirement Party: Jan. 20, 2013
    Patriot Battery Retirement Party - pix & video coming soon!

  • SARA Launch: Jan. 20, 2013 - First Launch of the year!
    Congrats to the newly L2 cert fliers!

  • AZRT Build: Feb. 2, 2013
    Entertained guests in the shop & prepped the Mean Mach ebay for ejection testing; started 3rd project.
    Mean Machine -
    Scrambler -

  • AZRT Build: Feb. 9, 2013
    Started painting, and performed ejection testing for both Mean Mach & Mozzy.

  • SARA Launch: Feb. 23, 2013
    Congrats for the newly certed L1 & L2 fliers! (Few teasers are up, rest will be uploaded through out the week, please stay tuned!)

  • AZRT Build: Feb. 16, 2013
    Continued painting Mozzy, finished off sanding Mean Mach & ebay wiring.

  • AZRT Build: Mar 9, 2013
    Finishing touches on the Mozzy & Mean Mach.

  • AZRT Build: Mar 16, 2013
    Prep for SARA's Desert Heat.

  • SARA: Desert Heat 2013
    Thank you SARA for another great launch weekend!
    AZRT successfully launched the Mean Mach & Mini Mosquito!!

  • AZRT Build: Apr. 20, 2013
    After a brief hiatus, the team reconvened to do a post mortem of the Mean Mach & Mini Mozzy, start work on the Scrambler.

  • Spring Blast 2013: Apr. 27, 2013
    Congrats to AZRT's newly L3 certified member, Earle C!
    Pictures will be uploaded through out the week! Please stay tuned! =)

  • NOLA 2013: May 2013
    Attended my middle school friend's Law School Graduation from Tulane University; got to hear the honarable Dali Lama speak!!
    First time to the French Quarter and seeing life in NOLA!

  • Esther & Will's Wedding - June 15, 2013:
    Attended a wedding celebration in St. Louis, MO.
    In the midst of their reception, the lights went out due to a huge storm passing through and the couple were cool as a cucumber while waiting for the generators to kick in!
    HUGE congrats for the fun loving couple on their big day!!

  • Drew & Viv's Wedding - July 13, 2013:
    Attended an epic wedding celebration filled with a live band & music in San Francisco, CA.
    HUGE congrats to my pseudo-big bro and his new bride on their big day!!

  • AIRFEST19 - Weekend: Aug. 30 - Sept. 2, 2013 
    Wrapped up AIRFEST19 weekend with both successes and lessons learned.
    It was great seeing old faces and meeting new ones!

  • SARA Launch: Sept. 22, 2013

  • SARA Launch: Oct. 12, 2013

  • SARA Night Launch: Oct. 19, 2013

  • 2014: HAPPY NEW YEAR & Holidays from JPChan Photography!
    It has been quite a busy 2013, but looking forward to what 2014 has to bring!
    Been doing some back uploading of photos from the last quarter of 2013.

  • AZRT Build: Jan. 4, 2014
    Happy New Year! With the holiday festivities having come and gone, AZRT was back at it in the shop.
    We have 5 projects build projects going on concurrently. Gonna be a crazy year!

  • AZRT Build: Jan. 11, 2014
    This week, greenhorn's dad managed to get some time off and came down to hang out at the shop.

  • AZRT Build: Jan. 18, 2014
    Small group this weekend, but got a lot done.

  • SARA Launch: Jan. 19, 2014
    First launch of the new year for SARA!

  • SARA Launch: Feb. 15, 2104
    Had a great launch on a toasty Saturday!

  • SPRINGFEST 2014: Mar 8-9, 2014
    First time out to Jean, NV; it's a beautiful site!
    Thank you Tripoli Vegas for hosting! Met some great new people!

  • Desert Heat 2014: Mar 29-30, 2014
    Home from SARA'S annual launch in Tucson.
    Pretty hectic this year: was prepping and launching my L3 attempt most of Saturday. 
    AZRT launched the scrambler & initiator.

  • Clare & Jacob 's Wedding: April 26, 2014
    Back from Bloomington, IN!
    Thank you for allowing us to be part of it!
    Had a great time celebrating with them on their big day!

  • AZRT Builds:
    Finished our AIRFEST Projects, now on to planning our next set.

  • AIRFEST XX - 2014:
    Back from a weekend fun chasing rockets in cornfields. Pix and videos will be posted throughout the week.

  • NOV. 2014: Family Sessions
    Christensen Family: Had a great time photographing your family at your reunion!
    Chen Family: Thank for the fun portrait session!

  • 2015: HAPPY NEW YEAR from JPChan Photography!
    Had a crazy personal travel season towards the end of the year.

  • AZRT Build: Jan. 10 & 17, 2015
    The team reconvened, did some planning. Roy showed off his new Christmas present: GPS Egg Finder.
    Worked on piston concept design & figuring out the best motor combination

  • SARA: Jan. 25, 2015
    Had several HPR flights and SARA held their annual e-board elections! First launch of the year! Got to catch up with several old friends!

  • SARA: Feb. 21, 2015
    Couldn't ask for better weather and temps! Welcome SPRING!! Pictures to be uploaded through out the week!

  • AZRT Buid: Mar 14, 2015:
    Happy PIE Day! AZRT celebrated with pie at lunch and then added some finishing touches to the Satelight Killer, before loading it into Jay's truck and prepping for Springfest! Joyce got her final weights for her project and also packed it up.
    Stay tuned for updates from this weekend!

  • SPRINGFEST: Mar 21-22, 2015
    Back from Jean. It was quite an eventful weekend! 3 successful L3 certs: Mark Rose, Mike Philo, & Joyce (ME!!)
    Saw lots of other successful launches!
    AZRT's Satellite Killer did not fair as well.
    Only 1/3 motors lit on take off, 2nd one lit as the rocket left the rail causing it to spiral into the ground. We're determined to do a rebuilt of the project.

  • SARA: Desert Heat: Mar 28-29, 2015
    Back from Tucson. It was a toasty, but good launch! Always great seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Thank you SARA! 
    Pix to be uploaded throughout the week, stay tuned!

  • UofA Graduation Week: May 14-16, 2015
    Huge congrats to my dear friends: A. Harvey & H. Chen on their accomplishments!
    You guys did it! Now go have fun & take a break!
    Photos in respective private galleries

  • AIRFEST 21: Sept. 4-7, 2015
    UPDATE: Finally HOME after 24hrs of transit, 4 airports & 4hrs of sleep = 2 very exhausted rocketeers!
    Huge thank you to the KloudBusters club for hosting another great AIRFEST!
    It was great seeing all of you again and meeting new people!
    Saw lots of great launches; unfortunately, for AZRT, things did not go as expected...

  • SARA Launch: Sept. 20, 2015
    Back from SARA's monthly launch. Good seeing everyone! Until next time!

  • SARA Night Launch: Oct. 10, 2015
    Love the LED decked out rockets!

  • Oct-Dec 2015:
    AZRT is taking a hiatus from Rocketry to pursue some other activities.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

  • Feb 2016:
    Getting back into rockets! See you guys out there!
    AZRT is back in the shop and working on SK73 v2.0!

  • SPRINGFEST: Mar 18, 2016
    Back from Springfest 2016 in Jean, NV.
    AZRT launched the SK73 v.2 and had a great up, but parachutes tangled in the guidewire.

  • SARA Desert Heat: April 2, 2016
    No AZRT Project for this year.
    Back from Tucson. Always great seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

  • Sept 2016:
    AZRT on unforeseen hiatus.
    Team will be pursuing personal travels, spending time with close friends & family.

  • Nov 2016:
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Greetings from China! (Beijing/Xi'an/Shanghai/Suzhou)

  • Dec 2016:
    Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season! Will be offline for personal travels to Taiwan, Australia & New Zealand!

  • March 2017:
    Got to see the Blue Angels at Chinalake AFB after 20 years!

  • SARA Launch: April 9, 2017
    Been a while and lots have changed; good to see some of the old faces!
    Really missed attending the annual Desert Heat launch though...

  • May 2017:
    Congrats to the Dr Dennis' family on their new addition to their family!
    So grateful that I have the opportunity to follow your wonderful journey!

  • 08-21-2017:
    American Solar Eclipse! Viewing from path of totality in MT!

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SARA: Night Launch - 2012.10.14 Couldn't have asked for a better weekend, weather-wise in Tucson, AZ to get back into rockets after about a month hiatus from the field.  Highs were in 80's and lows dipped into the 55F range after sunset with minimal wind. There was a high attendance of little kids with their families. Flights started a little after 6PM. I got out to the field around 6:30PM and got a chance to catch up with Eric B (LCO). The night launch regulars were in attendance - Terry G with his Glowlight Express, Dan P with this Aurora, and Stephen W with his SubZero & FireBall. There were some new faces on the LPR pads which was pretty cool. Since this was close to Halloween season, there were lots of rockets adorned with glowsticks and super bright LEDs. Many of the Ups were good, but one of my favorite shots of the night was from one that came spiraling back down after deployment.

Rest of the images from the night:

Favorite shot of the night


]]> (JPChan Photography) Night Launch SARA rockets Tue, 16 Oct 2012 00:26:00 GMT
LDRS29 – 2010 This was my first time going out to LDRS (Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships)/ROC event.  We returned back late Sunday evening. Overall, it was great experience to see the large/crazy projects and meeting new people. Definitely not complaining about the weather that was out there (aside from the windy conditions). =D



The 1st day we were there was still really windy with a few brave fliers. It was the first time in LDRS history that no flying was done on the first day of LDRS, due to 50+ mph wind gusts (we felt it driving into CA that night). We just wandered around looking at people's projects that were laid out. A Cal Poly Architecture class was out attempting to finish their final projects - successfully complete 2 flights & recover their architecture models (Dubai Tower, Taipei 101, Russian Tower, etc).

Photo by: Nahcpj Photography
Never knew Taipei 101 could fly!

We decided not to go back for the night launch, since the RSO had mentioned that the odds of the range opening again were slim (later heard that only a couple of small ones went off and the PRS team decided to play around with light painting).


Most of the fun & large projects went on this day. The 29 Mass Squat launch at 7AM, was pretty nuts with squats flying everywhere. One panel ended up not firing, so there was a take two for them. Too bad not everyone went with skids, that would have been fun. There was a drag race between seven N10,000 Skidmarks which proved to be quite a sight (it had been postponed from Friday due to high winds and rail button issues). We saw Kari Byron from the Mythbusters show on the Discovery Channel throughout the weekend. There was another mass launch (Sweet Sixteen Drag Race, on J1999N motors) that ended CATO-ing right above Kari while she was filming. She didn't seem phased at all.

29 Mass Squat Launch
Kari Byron, Photo Credit: Tasty Chicken
7 N10,000
7 N10,000

Arizona Rocketry Team had another great performance with their Patriot battery.

1/2 Scale Patriot Battery
1/2 Scale Patriot Battery

Punk Rocket Scientists team with their Interceptor had a great up and suffered repairable damage on the way down.

PRS Interceptor
PRS Interceptor

Delta 2 team had an unfortunate accident due to the triggering of the staging circuitry causing the separation charge to discharge and lighting the 2nd stage motor. 3 people were injured (2 of which were spectators), causing the range to be shutdown and two had to be air evac'd. Last I heard, they were OK and were due to be released Monday. Range was later re-opened, but spirits were dampened.

Delta 2 Team
Delta 2 Team

The night launches were somewhat conservative and limited, but still cool to watch. I think many of the rocketeers were at the LDRS banquet that was also taking place at the same time. I don't blame people for not wanting to navigate through the trenches in the middle of the night looking for their rockets. 

Night Launch
Night Launch


Much of the weekend crowd dwindled when we were prepping to leave. Galactica flew in the morning. Jack (Whats up hobbies) had a N10,000 Drag race with another person with a Patriot. We caught the main event for Sunday, Wildman project on an O Skidmark before having to leave to return to reality on Monday.


Wildman Darkstar - O Motor


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Blogging Attempt I haven't really been much of a blogger, but usually there's always a back story to things... 

So here's to my attempt at capturing that.
Wish me luck! ^_^


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